5 Keys To Help You Become Successful

These fundamental keys will help you become successful. Because they are absolutely fundamental, practicing them daily will bring high levels of success. As a result, you will generate consistent growth and progress.

First Key: Consistent Growth And Progress

First, you must commit to daily growth and progress. Because success is an ongoing condition. Dedicate yourself to personal growth. To emphasize, you must decide to make personal growth a priority. Your life will organize around the standards your set for yourself. Below are 3 things to help you become successful.

  • Charge and protect your mind – be disciplined and feed your mind with positive stimulus
  • Build a healthy and strong body – a strong body supports a strong mind
  • Associate with growth minded individuals – you pick up the traits to whom you associate

Do what you need to do and what you say you will do. As a result, your self esteem, confidence and image increase.

Second Key: Live In The Moment

To live in the moment is to direct your full attention to the present. In the present moment there is no awareness of the future or past. Living in the moment allows you to direct full mental effort. Consequently, you can focus maximum energy to task on goals.

In addition, momentary awareness allows connection to your core being. In this case, connecting at this level brings mental calm and well-being. With less wandering thoughts your mind will be more focused and concentrated. Also, you will have deeper thoughts, ideas and concepts on achieving your goals.

Third Key: Do One Thing At A Time

Single-tasking is doing one thing at a time with limited distraction and full focus. As a result, you can direct full mental effort to a single task on goal. In fact, this is how you achieve flow state. Which is a peak mental state of maximum mental power.

Doing one thing at a time allows full mental power to be on that one thing. By single-tasking, your mental effort will bring maximum results. In fact, concentrated action will always bring definite results. Consequently, this will help you become successful.

With consistent practice, doing one thing at a time will become a habit. Because your increased self awareness will dictate you stay concentrated. An unfocused and wandering mind is a weak mind. In contrast, a concentrated and focused mind is a powerful mind. Below are a few examples of doing one thing at a time.

  • Eating with full attention – no tv, video, magazine etc.
  • Talking to someone with full attention – no cellphone, tv, video etc.
  • Working on business task – no phone, no internet, no distractions (door shut, head down etc.)

Note: Living in the moment and doing one thing at a time are related. First, living in the moment increases self awareness and mental clarity. Second, this awareness and clarity allow full mental effort to single-task.

Momentary Awareness → Mental Clarity → Maximum Mental Effort → Action

Fourth Key: Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Your thoughts and mental images define your life. In fact, precise thinking precedes precise results. Because thoughts have creative power, you must keep your thoughts positive. Your present life situation is a representation of past thinking. Do not underestimate this fact. If you want to change your present circumstance, then you must change the way you think.

Imagine your thought process as a moving object. To keep your thoughts positive is to move the object forward. In other words, think positive on what you want to achieve (i.e. goals). Consequently, this positive thinking will move you forward toward your goals.

Fifth Key: Make Your Action Align With Goals

Taking precise action will help you become successful. Certainly, aligned thought and action is fundamental to success. In fact, precise action reinforces a success mindset. In other words, your actions reinforce your thought process. Which further clarifies, strengthens and focuses thinking.

To emphasize, you must be action oriented. It takes action to produce results. Commit to precise action toward your goals. Goal achievement = commitment + focus + production + progression. Hold yourself accountable by measuring your progress. Of course, you must first plan the steps to accomplish your goals. Below is a simple system to make your action align with goals.

  1. Define the desired goal (outcome)
  2. Reverse engineer the steps (tasks) to accomplish goal
  3. Create a chart to monitor tasks on goal – include due dates and time spent
  4. Design feedback loop to correct alignment – ACT, review and correct action
  5. Complete a daily and weekly action plan – hold yourself strictly accountable to your schedule

You must hold yourself accountable for your actions. Define your vision and align your actions with that vision. Doing this will help you become successful.

In conclusion, these 5 key fundamentals are critical to success. First, commit to growing and progressing daily. Make the decision to succeed. Second, develop the self awareness needed to achieve mental clarity. To live in the moment is to experience true reality. Concentrate your mind on deeper thoughts, ideas and concepts. Practice the discipline of single-tasking to further strengthen the mind.

A focused mind allows full mental effort to be directed on task. Consequently, through positive and precise thinking, you can align action on goal. First, define your goal. Second, define the tasks to accomplish the goal. Finally, create the mental and physical environment needed to align with the goal. Continually clarify and refine your thinking to help you become successful.

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