5 Powerful And Simple Ways To Improve Memory

There are simple ways to improve memory. If you follow a strict routine, then you can increase your memory ability. First, understand your memory reflects your mental clarity and health. In fact, peak mental health is fundamental to improve memory.

See the following simple ways to improve memory. They are the foundation of a memory improvement program.

Improve Memory By Organizing And Planning Your Life

To organize and plan your life demands you focus your mind. In addition, a focused mind is an organized mind. Definite planning will bring definite circumstances and results. Consequently, planning forces you mentally, physically and behaviorally organize.

First, you mentally organize your thoughts. Second, you physically organize your environment. And third, you behaviorally organize your actions. As a result, you improve memory through mental clarity and focus. Because knowing your life direction lessons mental distraction and conserves mental energy.

Improve Memory By Getting Sufficient Sleep

Sufficient sleep is fundamental to life. The body and mind both repair during sleep. In addition, your subconscious aligns itself during sleep. You want to get up every morning refreshed and reset. Bring forward the positive and leave behind the negative each day.

Improve Memory By Eating A Healthy And Balance Diet

An alkaline diet that supports low inflammation is ideal for brain health. A diet that causes body-mind inflammation will decrease memory capacity. Consequently, you must eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Do not underestimate the importance of fats to brain health. In fact, your brain matter is approximately 60 percent fat.

Make sure you are getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Good sources are cold-water fish (i.e. herring, sardines, tuna, salmon), olive oil and flaxseed oil. In addition, a DHA and EPA supplement is great for brain health. Remember a healthy brain will support and improve memory.

Also, eat a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, nuts, starches (choose low glycemic like brown rice, sweet potato, plantain etc.), and healthy proteins. In contrast, stay away from simple carbohydrates like processed sugar, crackers, cakes, pies, most breads etc. If you are not sure about a food item, then get a glycemic index chart. No excuses. Learn nutrition and learn what works for you.

Improve Memory By Moving And Exercising Daily

Physical exercise is essential to mind-body health. Strive to build a lean and strong body. Because a strong body supports a strong mind. In general, your routines should consist of muscle bearing exercises to build muscle, bone and tendon strength. And aerobic exercises to build heart and vascular strength.

There are no excuses. Pick up some books and learn about exercise science.

Research, Study And Follow An Overall Brain Health Program

Decide to live a life that supports a healthy brain. Certainly, brain health is fundamental to a healthy life. Consistently self improvement is needed to maintain a brain health program. Below are six areas to focus on, while developing your program.

  • Mind-Body Health – define a holistic system of mental, physical and spiritual practice
  • Physical Exercise – supports mind-body health (weight bearing, cardiovascular, flexibility)
  • Food and Nutrition – diet, hydration and supplementation for optimum biochemistry
  • Sleep and Relaxation – physical and mental restoration ; emotional balance
  • Mental Health – cognitive and emotional health ; overall brain health
  • Social Interaction – social stimulation, nurturing and love

In fact, you must have a healthy brain to improve memory. Your level of success is dependent on the level of brain function. Do not underestimate this fact.

In conclusion, your mental clarity reflects your mental health. A clear and focused mind will improve memory. Because a clear mind efficiently directs mental effort. Consequently, mental planning and organization conserves mental energy.

In contrast, mental distraction stresses the mind. As a result, a stressed mind causes mental fatigue that lowers cognition. Getting adequate sleep strengthens the mind through restoration. In addition, eating a healthy and balanced diet will support a strong mind-body.

Another key point, make sure you get the right balance of DHA and EPA fatty acids. Because these fats support a healthy brain. Finally, move and exercise daily while following an overall brain health program.

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