How To Achieve Total Concentration And Laser Focus

How do you achieve total concentration and laser focus? First, you must define concentration and focus. Concentration is the action of focusing your attention or mental effort. In other words, to direct your attention to a single object. Its Latin root means center. Remember, concentration is the action, whereas focus is the object to be acted on.

At any given time, your focus is the central point of your activity, attention or interest. It is a center of activity, attraction or attention. The ability to focus gives you control over your life. Either you are in focus or you are out of focus. It takes practice to maintain consistent focus. Furthermore, you must have a clear objective (purpose, goal, plan, desire, point) to focus on.

When you focus your mind, your power of concentration increases. With practice every day you will see consistent results. Below are a few excellent ways to to help you improve your concentration ability.

Achieve Total Concentration And Laser Focus By Using The Pseudo Telekinesis Technique

The pseudo telekinesis technique is a powerful exercise to to help you increase your concentration:

  1. Place a coin on a table in front of you.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position, free of distractions.
  3. Position the coin 30 or 40 cm away. Concentrate full attention on the coin features (primarily its shape). Do not touch the coin.
  4. Next, imagine your concentration as a force to move the coin. In other words, force of your concentration on the edge of the coin to make it move.
  5. Direct your mental effort, your concentration, to the edge of the coin. Keep your attention on the edge for the whole session.
  6. Maintain concentration on the shape of the coin, while forcing your attention to the edge of the coin. Give maximum effort to look at the edge. Keep a narrow minded look at the edge of the coin.
  7. If you are doing the technique correctly, you will become unaware of your surroundings (flow state). When you become distracted, turn your attention back to the coin.

This technique can be used for any object of choice. But a smaller object with fewer features is easier to concentrate on.

Achieve Total Concentration And Laser Focus By Living In The Moment

Live in the moment by placing full attention on your present actions. Because this keeps your mind focused and on track. First, know your intention, purpose or aim of focus. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the reason? What is the desired outcome? Momentary awareness allows the mind to concentrate.

To achieve total concentration and laser focus, you need to work strictly on your goals. But first, you must have mental clarity. To clarify, you need an object of focus before you can achieve total concentration. Remember, Thought → Action → Method → Circumstance.

Achieve Total Concentration And Laser Focus By Strictly Staying On Task

Strictly follow a schedule. Set and follow a daily action plan. In addition, eliminate everything that distracts you from strict action. Because you need a calm, clear and focused mind to achieve your goals. Force your thoughts to align to the tasks you are doing.

To emphasize, your thoughts must always be on what you are doing. Keep practicing this, living in the moment, to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

Achieve Total Concentration And Laser Focus By Following Strict Routines

Strategic rituals and routines are fundamental tools to success. Because they make it easier to stay on a productive path. Also, by decreasing decision fatigue, strategic routines optimize energy reserve. Consequently, following routines help you achieve total concentration and laser focus.

In conclusion, to achieve total concentration and laser focus you want a clear objective to focus on. Because concentration is the action and focus is the objective. To achieve total concentration you need absolute focus. Total concentration on an objective (purpose, goal, plan, desire, point) moves you into flow.

You are in flow state whenever you have a calm mental state, laser focus and total concentration. In addition, your mind is in the present, without distraction. Achieve total concentration by using the Pseudo Telekinesis Technique. This technique can be used on any object to increase your concentration ability.

Your capacity to live in the moment is fundamental to concentration. In contrast, an unfocused mind is incapable of directing mental effort onto a single point. First, you must define your objective. Second, you must define an action plan to achieve your objective. Finally, you must strictly follow your action plan by staying on task. For this reason, strategic rituals and routines are needed to achieve total concentration and laser focus.

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