How To Keep Mentally Healthy As You Age

Knowing how to keep mentally healthy is important to life satisfaction. In the first place, during youth you usually do not understand memory and overall mental function can decline as you age.

In fact, as you grow older your mental clarity and sharpness will gradually decline naturally. Memory decline can begin to accelerate in our 40s and 50s. As a result, your short term memory (working memory) will begin to lose performance.

Overall mental health can deteriorate without following some general guidelines. Below is a list of ways to keep mentally healthy.

Maintain a regular schedule of physical exercise.

This can include the most basic exercise such as walking for 20 minutes. Certainly, 15-20 minutes 3 times a week of exercise will keep your body in shape. Important to realize, what is good for your cardiovascular system will be good for your brain.

To emphasize, an improved cardiovascular system will better supply your brain with blood and nutrients. Moreover this will have a positive cumulative effect throughout your life.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout your life

Do not underestimate the importance of eating fruits and vegetables every day. You do not have to follow stict vegetarian diet, just make sure you eat fruits and vegetables every day (with most meals).

The value of doing this is to provide more antioxidants that add cell protecting qualites. Eating the wrong foods have a damaging effect on cellular structures. Over time this damage drastically effects intelligence, mental power and clarity. For this reason, fruits and vegetables must be seen with respect and reverence.

Eat more fish which contain Omega 3 fatty acids.

This will provide your brain with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids to help balance out the more abundant Omega 6 fatty acids. In fact, healthy fats help your brain function properly to become more adaptable to the rigors of life.

Good sources of healthy fats are avocados, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds and oily fish (sardine, wild caught salmon, mackerel). In addition, because the brain is predominately made up of 60 percent fat, adding healthy fats will aid healthy brain composition.

Limit alcohol and tobacco usage.

Evidently, excess alcohol causes the brain to atrophy. In fact, because alchohol is a mild poision, drinking to much can damage brain cells. And these brain cells can be effected in areas that control memory. Consequently, years of drinking can cause a noticeable decline in mental performance.

In addition, evidence shows that tobacco use is bad for mental health. The primary cause is through its negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Of course, if you need further evidence of this fact, then search the internet for dangers of tobacco use.

Strive to continually educate yourself and learn new things daily.

Use your brain or you will lose function. For one thing, your brain is like any muscle that needs exercise to maintain health. Consistently us your brain and strive to learn new things daily. Consequently, constant learning will keep your mind in peak condition.

You can not just read books and magazines (or watch pointless videos) and expect to improve brain function. To increase mental capacity and clarity do math problems, puzzles and other things that challenge your mind.

For example, learn a new language, research and write an essay and learn how to code. Always be learning and improving. Therefore, use the concept of kaizen for self growth.

kaizen[ kahy-zen ] noun – a business philosophy or system that is based on making positive changes on a regular basis, as to improve productivity; an approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on continuous improvement.

Always have a good night’s sleep to keep mentally healthy.

Strive to get between 6.5 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep will lead to lower intelligence and mental sharpness. Don’t underestimate the importance of a consistent sleep pattern.

In conclusion, it is natural for your mind to be healthy throughout your entire life. But negative lifestyle habits will cause mental health to decline. The most important ways to keep mentally healthy are to eat properly and to exercise daily.

In addition, practice kaizen to continuously improve your mind. Your mind controls your life, so how you think consistently effects you mind-body. Clearly, you must make your mind health a top priority.

Best Diet And How It Affects The Mind

The best diet for you is crucial to your success. In fact, it affects your body and mind in major ways. Don’t underestimate the importance of your diet. In truth, it is one of the secrets to success.

Diet Affects The Strength And Clarity Of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts must be clear, focused and powerful for maximum success. If your thoughts aren’t focused, then whatever you do will lack the power to effect change. In contrast, focused thought multiplies to become stronger and stronger.

As a result, increased mental power attracts similar thoughts and circumstances. Consequently, a powerful mind will easily direct actions that bring your goals into reality. This ease of action will not be possible with an unclear, unfocused and weak mind.

Basic Diet Principles To Help Strengthen Your Mind

Of course, we all have subtle body and mind differences. However, there are general diet principles beneficial to mental function. Here are some diet ideas to consider following to maintain a powerful mind.

Follow the everything in moderation concept.

The influence of modern society is predominately everything in excess. Clearly, to counter this excess we must strictly monitor our consumption. And what you eat is an excellent place to start.

Limit the intake of stimulants, intoxicants and other drugs.

Important to note, the Oxford Dictionary defines drug as – a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

Limit sugar, white flour and all processed foods.

Nutrition is the process of obtaining the food needed for growth and health. This requires the ingestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and essential fatty acids. The optimum diet will include the most basic foods to accomplish this process.

Sugar, white flour and processed foods can overload the ingestion and absorption process. Therefore, you must limit their intake for higher dietary efficiency.

Limit your meat intake and choose from quality sources for best diet.

You must experiment to see what specific diets are optimum. Clearly, no specific diet will work for everyone. For meat eaters, the most important thing to consider is the origin of the meat. If you can, then choose organic meats. Organic meats will come from animals receiving no antibodies and growth hormones.

Eliminate foods you are allergic to that cause inflammation.

Some possible foods you may be allergic to are dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream), nuts (peanuts, tree nuts), eggs and wheat (gluten sensitivity). Basically, we want to eliminate foods that cause mind and body inflammation.

In conclusion, your diet has a direct effect on your mind. Avoid foods that negatively effect your mind functioning. Then follow basic diet principles to optimize your diet. For example, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Here are some basic diet principles to follow:

  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Drink adequate clean water; stay hydrated
  • Keep your electrolytes balanced; read this article on electrolytes
  • Get adequate carbohydrate, protein and fat
  • Eliminate junk foods (excess sugar, fat and nutrient poor)

Plainly, your ability to monitor food intake demands discipline. By following an excellent diet, you increase mental power through clarity and focus. Also, a strict diet supports a strong and disciplined mindset.

Make the decision to improve your life through your food intake; because it is necessary to become success oriented.

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The Definitive Guide To Natural Law

Understanding natural law is the highest form of intelligence to strive towards. Because natural law is fundamental to all reality. It means understanding from a neutral and unbiased perspective. In other words, understanding natural law requires seeing things as they really are.

Seeing things with true understanding is to see what is natural and real. In contrast, false understanding is thinking all man-made beliefs, laws and ideals are equal to natural law.

Two Types Of Laws

There are two types of laws. Man-made laws and natural laws. Although you can violate man-made laws, you cannot violate natural laws.

Natural laws can be divided into physical laws and mental laws. In general, physical laws can be proven in controlled experiments. Mental laws can only be proven by experience.

Mental laws directly affect your success through cause and effect. Therefore, it is important to understand these laws and integrate them into everything you do.

Self-discipline demands you take control of your thinking. To control your life requires you must control your thoughts. Important to note, your mind is the only thing you have 100% control over. The following list of laws will help you better control your mind for maximum success.

The Law Of Control

The law of control states that you feel positive about yourself to the degree you control your life. In contrast, you feel negative about yourself to the degree you do not control your life.

In fact, in psychology this law is also called the locus of control theory  You either have an internal or external locus of control.

Internal Locus Of Control: believe you have control over conditions, circumstances and situations in your life

External Locus Of Control: believe you do not control conditions, circumstances and situations in your life

With an internal locus of control, you feel you’re in control of your own life. In contrast, a person with an external locus of control feels they are in control over their life. Obviously, a self-improvement and success oriented person will have an internal locus of control.

The Law Of Cause And Effect

The law of cause and effect states for every effect in nature there is a specific cause. In that case, there are specific causes of success and there are specific causes of failure.

If there is certain effect that you want in your life, then you must find (and act on) the cause of that effect. In addition, if there is a certain effect you do not want in your life, then you must find (and stop acting on) the cause of that effect.

To emphasize, be careful of doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

In fact, thoughts are causes and conditions are effects. Consequently, your thoughts are the main causes of the conditions in your life. At any point, your life is the sum total of your thoughts.

The Law Of Belief

The law of belief states whatever you believe to be true becomes your reality. Furthermore, the stronger (emotionally) your positive belief, the more likely it (positive expectancy) will bring positive results.

In contrast, if you believe success is out of your control, then you will quit when things become difficult. Truly, your beliefs set you up for either success or failure.

To adapt and change in life, you must nurture optimistic beliefs. In addition, a positive mental attitude helps create a positive future. This attitude enables you to respond positively and constructively to life.

Finally, you must work to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Because self-limiting beliefs hold you back from positive change. Whatever you consistently believe will eventually become your reality. Accordingly, negative beliefs will always bring negative outcomes.

For this reason, if you want a successful life, then you must grow and increase your positive beliefs. In other words, you must expect you will achieve your aspirations and goals.

The Law Of Expectations

The law of expectations states that whatever you expect becomes your reality. In fact, your expectations influence the beliefs and behaviors of others. In addition, your expectations influence outcomes and situations to work out as you expect.

Consequently, success requires positive attitude and positive expectancy. To be successful, you must expect to be successful. In contrast, unsuccessful people have negative attitudes and negative expectations.

Sources of expectations that influence.

  • First, yourself
  • Second, parents or guardians
  • Third, family and friends
  • Fourth, teachers, authority figures and acquaintances
  • Fifth, society (media, culture, propaganda, etc.)

As an adult, the most important source of expectations comes from yourself (self-expectation). You create your own mental set of expectations. In fact, your expectations have the power to override negative situations in your life.

Another key point, you have influence on the attitude, behaviors and performance of people around you. The more important you are their life, the more powerful your expectations affect them. For this reason, you must strive to empower those around you.

The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction states that you attract life situations in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Furthermore, your life to this point is the result of the sum of your past thoughts.

For this reason, you must think with strong emotion about outcomes you want in your life. If you are clear on what you want, then you will attract (create) these conditions into your life.

Truly, you can change your dominant thoughts through consistent practice. Discipline yourself by thinking about what you want. In contrast, to thinking about what you do not want.

The Law of Correspondence

The law of correspondence states that your outer state is a reflection of your inner state. Consequently, you can understand your mental state by looking at your outside conditions. The following list shows some law of correspondence examples.

Inner State: focused, disciplined, clear minded, self-aware, success conscious, positive attitude, inner locus of control
Outer State: strong and healthy body, clean and organized living conditions, happy and fulfilling relationships, productive and purpose driven

Inner State: unfocused, undisciplined, absent minded, delusional, negative attitude, victim mentality (external locus of control)
Outer State: weak and unhealthy body, disorganized living conditions, unhealthy relationships, no purpose, disagreeable personality

How you relate to the world corresponds to the person you are inside. In fact, the outer conditions of your life will align with your thinking patterns (mindsets). Similarly, people will respond to you in reflection to your attitude and behavior towards them.

To change your outer conditions, you must change your inner state (yourself). In other words, to see different results, your thoughts and actions must correspond with those results. Positive change requires a corresponding change of inner state.

The Law Of Mental Equivalency

The law of mental equivalency states that thoughts objectify themselves. Moreover, your thoughts and mental images repeated with emotion become your reality. For this reason, your actions follow your thought process. You become what you think. Change your thinking to change your life. Certainly, positive change will come from clear thinking.

Clear thinking is fundamental to success. Align with positive cause and effect by thinking in a clear and positive way. Surely, expect positive outcomes. Consequently, you will attract positive people and situations equivalent to your expectations.

To change your life, you must change your thinking. Create the mental equivalent of what you want to experience in your reality.

In conclusion, the essence of right perception is knowing that man-made beliefs and laws have no bearing on reality. In other words, man-made beliefs and concepts are made up.

Only natural law is true. Natural law defines everything in the Universe. In fact, it always rules over man-made law. Consequently, you must align your thoughts and actions with natural law. Because all cause and effect comes from natural law, not man made law.

To clarify, man-made law has no power over natural law. To harness the order of the Universe, you must follow natural law.

When you understand and follow natural law, you can take complete control of your life. This control will result in the achievement of whatever you want (desire).

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Fundamental Aspects Of Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is self awareness in relationship to others. Further, it the capacity to manage emotions and relationships. In fact, increasing it is fundamental to success. Through developing higher emotional intelligence, you can understand people on a deeper level. As a result, you will see their motivations, which can be used to raise your positive influence and improve your relationships.

Increasing your social intelligence is about gaining an accurate understanding of people. The following article will discuss some fundamental aspects of social intelligence.

Social Intelligence Increases From Understanding Behavioral Psychology

The basis of emotional intelligence is understanding what influences people’s thoughts and actions. Consequently, this deeper understanding allows you to relate to people on a deeper level. In other words, it helps you see what motivates, influences and directs their thoughts and actions.

In contrast, weak social intelligence keeps you from seeing what motivates peoples behaviors. The only way to determine someones’s behaviors is to understand the psychology behind their thoughts and actions.

Understanding Unconscious Signals Will Increase Your Social Intelligence

To begin with, non-verbal communication is estimated to be two-thirds of the communication process. For this reason, it is the highest form of communication because it expresses true intent. Although people can deceive with words, their body language is not easily faked.

As a result, your ability to read unconscious signals allows you to interpret people more accurately. Accordingly, this accurate interpretation allows you to influence in a positive way. If you misinterpret people, then you miss the opportunity to relate to them.

To emphasize, knowing how to read non-verbal communication is fundamental to understanding people. In addition, it helps you develop more meaningful relationships because you will not miss important communication signals.

High Social Intelligence Is Fundamental To Influence And Success

People are imperfect. Consequently, they communicate based from their level of understanding. Practice compassion, empathy and forgiveness, when dealing with people. Increased emotional intelligence will give you greater positive influence on others. In addition, this influence allows you to properly manage your relationships and make more strategic decisions.

The higher your social intelligence, the greater your influence and success. Don’t underestimate the importance of increasing emotional intelligence.

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Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

Before you define your Vision, consider the concept of mindset. Because you need the right mindset to succeed. There are two components of mindset.

Thought patterns – the dominant thoughts and mental attitudes (standpoints)
Mental imagery – the visualizations ; imaginations (perspectives)

Certainly, it is easy to underestimate the importance of these two components. However, a controlled mind requires correct thinking and visualizing. In fact, a fundamental goal must be to align your subconscious with a success mindset.

Key Point: Correct thoughts and mental images to Positive influence subconscious = Success mindset.

The rest of the Mental Mastery System will be broken up into three sections. In fact, they are Vision, Energy and Action. The sections contain methods and strategies to master your mind to unlock its true power.

Basic Foundation To Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

A basic fundamental to success is to determine your goals (aim, focus, objective etc.). It is to easy to underestimate the importance of goal setting. To clarify, think in terms of a lifestyle. Set goals to fulfill an ideal lifestyle.

For this reason, consider what excites and interests you. Define what you truly desire (want).

Exercise 1: Answer the questions below.

Identify what you want, what you desire and what excites you. Do not limit yourself. Write your answers down.

Ask what,

Is your ideal lifestyle?
Do you really want to accomplish in life?
Legacy do you want to leave behind?
Gives you energy and motivates you to grow?
Goals are needed to live your ideal lifestyle?

Key point: Defining goals are crucial to success. You need 3-5 defined goals at point in life.

To begin with, define 3-5 major goals that support your ideal lifestyle. For example, I want to build an internet lifestyle business making $10,000 monthly passive income or I want to run a 50k ultrarunning race in 6 months. It is essential to take your time to think about your goals.

Exercise 2: On a single page, write down your 3-5 major goals. Post page where you see it daily. Refine and clarify weekly.

Key point: You can not achieve goals you never defined. To succeed, you must define your goals. In addition, success demands action on goal. Consequently, you want to be action oriented.

Intermediate Foundation To Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

After you have determined an ideal lifestyle, now you need to clarify a deeper meaning (intention, resolution, purpose). In other words, define the reasons you want to live your ideal life. There has to reasons why you want what you want.

Key Point: Your Vision (purpose) represents what is important to you, which you will act on with the highest integrity.

Look at the list of words below to help you clarify your Vision.

Freedom, liberation, innovation, visionary, inspire, greatness, mastery, family, community, society, self-awareness, higher consciousness, legacy, accomplishment, teaching, giving, compassion, honor, discipline, virtue, value

Your true purpose is what motivates and energizes you. Moreover, your purpose represents the heart of your lifestyle. After defining your Vision, you need align your actions in that direction.

Key point: Your Vision creates strong emotional desire that is worthy of expression.

Conclusion – Define Your Vision

Defining your Vision and expressing it is an important cornerstone to your success. Because it increases your energy to move powerfully toward your goals. In fact, your purpose is what motivates you within.

More clarity of Vision generates more energy and motivation. Consequently, setting a clear purpose gives you determination to succeed. Therefore, define your Vision for greater motivation and success.

Key point: A clear Vision (purpose) is fundamental to success.

Action Step: Complete the exercises above.

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Introduction To Mental Mastery System For Maximum Success

The mental mastery system for maximum success explains how to organize your thoughts to fulfill your Vision. There are 3 points to summarize the system.

  1. Your reality is a mental construct
  2. The subconsciousness mind is your superprocesor
  3. To succeed you must harness the subconscious

To begin with, there is a way to harness the subconscious.

  • First, learn to control your conscious mind, then your subconscious mind
  • Second, learn methods to program your subconscious mind

Do not underestimate the power of harnessing the subconscious mind, because it is the secret to success.

Your Mental Superprocessor

The subconscious mind is the superprocessor of your mind. In fact, it controls most functions of your body. For example, your breathing, your digestion, walking, reading and other autonomic functions.

To change your life you must reprogram the subconscious. Subconscious programming ultimately overrides willpower.

How To Define The Mental Mastery System

The Mental Mastery System describes fundamental laws of the mind. In general, your mind is bound by certain laws (similar to scientific law). Consequently, to master causality requires understanding these mental laws.

To achieve specific results, the conscious and subconscious minds must be mastered. Most people fail because of negative subconscious programming (mental blocks). These mental blocks can be released by using your mind correctly.

Understanding the mental laws that govern your mind will allow you to achieve mental mastery. As a result, you can set a successful life path, which fulfills your purpose (Vision).

Important Point #1: Nothing will change in your life until you control your conscious mind and send new signals to your subconscious mind.

Important Point #2: To change the direction of your life, you must change your subconscious programming.

Control The Mind And Unlock The Subconscious For Success

Increased mind power comes from a controlled mind. In other words, thoughts are aligned with a controlled mind. In addition, more energy can flow to focus with a controlled mind.

A controlled mind allows the subconscious to be accessed and reprogrammed. Consequently, more mind power is available to be directed on task.

Mental control = Mind power = Maximum success. The more mind power you have available the higher potential for success.

By controlling your conscious and subconscious minds, you can direct more mental effort to your goals.

Control The Mind And Program The Subconscious For Success

Concentrate on controlling your mind by sending the right signals to the subconscious. As a result, you will access increased mind power. Do not waste mental energy trying to control external things.

Key point: To clarify, all effort is directed to controlling your mind. A controlled mind = right signals = mental organization = mental power

How To Define The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind governs the majority of your life. In fact, it directs most human processes. For example, reading, driving, talking, walking, sleeping are all influenced by the subconscious.

If your conscious mind had to do everything, then you would grind to a stand still. The subconscious mind allows the body to operate automatically.

Certainly, the subconscious mind improves our efficiency by forming behaviors and habits. For this reason, it is important to define and implement strategic habits and routines.

Important Points About Your Mind

You have complete control of your mind.
In fact, it is the only aspect of life you have total control over. Do not let your mind control you and let outside influences control you. To clarify, control your mind to organize it for success.

You can reprogram and train your mind.
Although your mind may presently be undisciplined and unfocused. It can be trained to be more concentrated, disciplined, focused and powerful. In other words, your mind can achieve higher performance with training.

You must consistently discipline and train your mind.
Because your body seeks homeostasis, you must give continuous effort to control your mind. Maintain self-awareness at all times.

Additionally, strive to positively program your mind. In contrast, to allowing negative programming from external sources (friends, family, media etc.).

Key Point: The secret to mental mastery is to take full possession of your mind. In other words, learn to access and control your conscious and subconscious minds.

Important Points For Further Clarification

  1. Generally, the subconscious mind is beyond conscious awareness. It governs body functions automatically to conserve mental energy.
  2. The subconscious mind is a superprocessor that defines actions, beliefs, behaviors and emotions. For this reason, it can be programmed through right thought and action.
  3. Mental control = Positive Subconscious Programming = Maximum Success
  4. For maximum success you must access and control the subconscious to program it for success.
  5. A controlled mind has clarity and focus, with no pointless thought. Further, a controlled mind is a fully functioning mind.
  6. Conscious – Controlled thinking → Subconscious – Right Signals = Higher Mental Potential
  7. Your actions, thoughts, behaviors and habits define the subconscious mind. Reprogramming your subconscious is fundamental to change.

Mental Mastery System For Maximum Success – Conclusion

To change your life takes mental change. In fact, you must change the subconscious aspects of mind. Sending the right signals to the subconscious will result in certain life circumstances and situations.

Further, your conscious and subconscious programming defines your life. As a result, changing this programming changes the circumstances, possibilities and situations available to you.

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How To Train Your Mind For Increased Mental Power

To achieve high performance, you must train your mind for increased mental power. In fact, you must train your mind to achieve a higher intellectual ability. Consequently, implementing a strict training schedule is fundamental to success. Below are important points to guide your mental training (well planned and constructive).

Set And Maintain Mental Direction

In other words, maintain focus of where you want to go. You are either moving toward your goals or moving away from them. Do not underestimate this point. Certainly, to achieve your goal, the mind must always emphasize moving toward the goal. In contrast, do not focus on what you do not want.

True focus requires a strict attitudinal, behavioral and mental tendency. In other words, maintaining a consistent mental direction requires discipline. You must be decisive to eliminate all other possibilities but success.

Focus Mind For Extended Periods Of Time

A highly focused mind can direct maximum mental effort. Consistent mental effort will allow you to achieve higher performance. In fact, your ability to achieve maximum mental effort is key to unlocking the subconscious.

To emphasize, the ability to focus for extended periods of time allows you access the powerful subconscious. As a result, a highly focused mind will bring the subconscious mind in alignment with the conscious mind. Consequently, learning to access the subconscious will allow maximum mental effort and direction.

Define And Set Up A Mental Training Schedule

Mental training will fine tune your brain for maximum mental clarity. Additionally, consistent practice will result in increased clarity, concentration and focus. To achieve high performance requires an optimized mind. Below are some points to help define and set up a mental training schedule.

  • Make your mental training the main part of your lifestyle – Mental health (attitude, clarity, concentration, vision) is the most important aspect of life
  • Set up a mental training routine and journal your progress – Define a strict training routine (exercises, time, goals) ; follow your routine daily to make it a habit and journal your progress
  • Be consistent and strict with your training schedule – Consistent effort brings consistent results. To progress you must strictly follow your routine daily.

Eliminate distractions, take breaks and don’t overtrain – Set up an ideal training environment. Allow for mental recovery.

Gain Clarity, Focus And Power Through Writing

Writing something down forces you to see it from a certain perspective. Consequently, writing imprints what you write into your mind. In fact, when you write something down it creates mental organization. In addition, when you write something down you prioritize it over your thoughts. If you want to further prioritize your writing, then read out what you have written.

Below are some points to help you write more powerfully.

  • Do your best to write in your own words. Copy concepts, but do not copy text verbatim
  • Concentrate fully on what you are writing – give maximum effort to increase understanding
  • Before you begin writing, define the objective of what your writing (define specific points)

You can not achieve a peak mental state with out regular writing. For this reason, regular writing is essential to mental organization and idea generation. Consequently, decide now to formulate and write ideas on a regular basis.

In conclusion, decide to move toward your goals by setting up a training plan. In that case, you will gain momentum and make the plan a daily habit. As a result, increased mental power will come from continuous and progressive mental and physical action.

To train your mind for increased mental power requires a set mental direction. To clarify, you must focus on where you want to go. Do not waste mental effort thinking about what you do not want! First, practice focusing your mind for extended periods of time. It requires mental discipline to increase mental power.

Second, define a mental training schedule. High performance requires clarity, concentration and focus. Certainly, make improving your mental health a priority. If you prioritize mental training, then conscious and unconscious organization will result.

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How To Work And Study Effectively

Knowing how to work and study effectively is fundamental to success. There are some basic principles to set up the proper environment for success.

Set Up A Quiet And Distraction Free Environment

A quiet and distraction free environment allows for deeper focus. Consequently, you must remove major distractions to eliminate pointless stimulus. For example, tv, people and things that draw your attention from your focus.

Although you might be able to work in a busy environment, entering the flow state requires a distraction free environment. As a result, a calm mind assimilates and flows more freely.

Organize And Plan Your Work And Study

Make sure you have an action plan for what you want to accomplish. How, what, when and why you are sitting down to act. In other words, define a clear objective and plan the path to completion. Use the principle of reverse engineering. Look at the end goal, then determine the steps needed to accomplish the goal.

Do Your Work And Study Effectively In Steps

First, define a clear objective. Second, determine the steps to accomplish the objective. Complex objectives need to be broken into a series of steps (or chunks). In other words, separate complex objectives in a series of simple steps. As a result, you can move forward from simple to complex.

Focus On A Single Task At A Time To Work And Study Effectively

To work and study effectively, you must direct mental effort on a single task. First, define each single task (step). Second, define the amount of time to work on the task. Be strict with your schedule. Because following a strict schedule increases mental discipline and power. Your ability to concentrate and focus is directly proportional to your mental power.

Work And Study Effectively By Taking Breaks

Taking breaks aids your mind in assimilating the information your working on. In addition, it allows you time to recharge mentally and sustain momentum. Stop working to relax your mental effort for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink water. Walk around. Be disciplined. Do not allow yourself to become distracted thus losing momentum.

You want to maintain a forward direction on task by keeping focused with maximum mental effort.

Get Adequate Sleep So Your Mind Can Recuperate

The mind needs time to re-arrange and recuperate itself. Be consistent with your sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day. Find the optimum sleep duration you need.

Make Your Work And Study Times Your Only Focus

In other words, eliminate all other distractions that don’t align with your objective. To work and study effectively you must commit to your concentration. As you become more disciplined you become more efficient. Work diligently to make your mental clarity and focus a habitual condition.

In conclusion, there are some basic principles to work and study effectively. A quiet and distraction free environment will help you maintain focus. In addition, it is important to define an action plan before you begin. The following are some points to get started:

  • Reverse engineer the objective – define the steps need to accomplish the objective
  • Break complex objectives into simpler steps – move from simple to complex
  • Follow a strict schedule and execute your action plan daily
  • Work on a single task for a specific time frame. Take breaks at specific intervals
  • Get adequate sleep and make work and study your only focus

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5 Powerful And Simple Ways To Improve Memory

There are simple ways to improve memory. If you follow a strict routine, then you can increase your memory ability. First, understand your memory reflects your mental clarity and health. In fact, peak mental health is fundamental to improve memory.

See the following simple ways to improve memory. They are the foundation of a memory improvement program.

Improve Memory By Organizing And Planning Your Life

To organize and plan your life demands you focus your mind. In addition, a focused mind is an organized mind. Definite planning will bring definite circumstances and results. Consequently, planning forces you mentally, physically and behaviorally organize.

First, you mentally organize your thoughts. Second, you physically organize your environment. And third, you behaviorally organize your actions. As a result, you improve memory through mental clarity and focus. Because knowing your life direction lessons mental distraction and conserves mental energy.

Improve Memory By Getting Sufficient Sleep

Sufficient sleep is fundamental to life. The body and mind both repair during sleep. In addition, your subconscious aligns itself during sleep. You want to get up every morning refreshed and reset. Bring forward the positive and leave behind the negative each day.

Improve Memory By Eating A Healthy And Balance Diet

An alkaline diet that supports low inflammation is ideal for brain health. A diet that causes body-mind inflammation will decrease memory capacity. Consequently, you must eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Do not underestimate the importance of fats to brain health. In fact, your brain matter is approximately 60 percent fat.

Make sure you are getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Good sources are cold-water fish (i.e. herring, sardines, tuna, salmon), olive oil and flaxseed oil. In addition, a DHA and EPA supplement is great for brain health. Remember a healthy brain will support and improve memory.

Also, eat a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, nuts, starches (choose low glycemic like brown rice, sweet potato, plantain etc.), and healthy proteins. In contrast, stay away from simple carbohydrates like processed sugar, crackers, cakes, pies, most breads etc. If you are not sure about a food item, then get a glycemic index chart. No excuses. Learn nutrition and learn what works for you.

Improve Memory By Moving And Exercising Daily

Physical exercise is essential to mind-body health. Strive to build a lean and strong body. Because a strong body supports a strong mind. In general, your routines should consist of muscle bearing exercises to build muscle, bone and tendon strength. And aerobic exercises to build heart and vascular strength.

There are no excuses. Pick up some books and learn about exercise science.

Research, Study And Follow An Overall Brain Health Program

Decide to live a life that supports a healthy brain. Certainly, brain health is fundamental to a healthy life. Consistently self improvement is needed to maintain a brain health program. Below are six areas to focus on, while developing your program.

  • Mind-Body Health – define a holistic system of mental, physical and spiritual practice
  • Physical Exercise – supports mind-body health (weight bearing, cardiovascular, flexibility)
  • Food and Nutrition – diet, hydration and supplementation for optimum biochemistry
  • Sleep and Relaxation – physical and mental restoration ; emotional balance
  • Mental Health – cognitive and emotional health ; overall brain health
  • Social Interaction – social stimulation, nurturing and love

In fact, you must have a healthy brain to improve memory. Your level of success is dependent on the level of brain function. Do not underestimate this fact.

In conclusion, your mental clarity reflects your mental health. A clear and focused mind will improve memory. Because a clear mind efficiently directs mental effort. Consequently, mental planning and organization conserves mental energy.

In contrast, mental distraction stresses the mind. As a result, a stressed mind causes mental fatigue that lowers cognition. Getting adequate sleep strengthens the mind through restoration. In addition, eating a healthy and balanced diet will support a strong mind-body.

Another key point, make sure you get the right balance of DHA and EPA fatty acids. Because these fats support a healthy brain. Finally, move and exercise daily while following an overall brain health program.

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5 Ways To Change Lifestyle For High Performance

To change lifestyle for high performance, first you need mental clarity. In fact, everything you do must support a clear mind. There are fundamental ways to increase clarity and performance. These simple steps will set your life in the right direction.

Strive To Increase Mental Clarity Daily

It takes mental clarity to achieve any big goal. As a matter of fact, you can not achieve big goals without it. What do you want? And what are your big reasons for wanting it? Notably, important reasons motivate. In addition, knowing your values increases decisiveness. If you know what you want and why you want it, then you can take definite action. For this reason, you must strive to increase mental clarity daily.

Give Full Attention To What You Are Doing

Do not underestimate the importance of this principle. Because it is powerful. First, action can only be expressed in the present moment. Consequently, all results come from that action. Give full attention to what you are doing to direct full mental effort. This mental focus allows more energy to flow into the object of focus. Therefore, you must eliminate distraction and practice single-tasking.

Decide To Eliminate Distractions And Follow Path To Goals

A true decision sets a resolved path. In fact, resolve is deciding firmly on a course of action. To change your lifestyle, you must eliminate distractions to goal achievement. To clarify, if something does not align with your goals, then you must eliminate it. High performance is only acquired through diligence and discipline. Consequently, positive change is the result of positive action (work). Decide to achieve high performance. Then follow the path to its resolution.

Strengthen Your Mind-Body

Set goal to improve your mind-body health. A healthy mind and body is fundamental to high performance. In this case, performance is dependent on mind-body health. Strong mind-body = high energy = strong resolve. Also, a strong mind-body enables mental clarity to direct maximum mental effort. In other words, it allows you to focus thought and action on goal.

Take Focused And Strict Action Daily

Do not underestimate the importance of taking strict action daily. It takes consistent action to achieve goals. In addition, it takes focused and strict action to achieve high performance. Create systems (routines, rituals) that set a strict schedule of activity. Following strict routines will deliver definite results. In addition, following routines conserves your energy. Which in turn can be used for more creative work.

In conclusion, mental clarity is fundamental to change lifestyle for high performance. Strive to increase mental clarity daily. As a result, you will have more energy to focus mental effort. Equally important is giving full attention to the present moment. Because all work is done one thing at a time. Eliminate distraction and practice single-tasking (do one thing at a time with full focus).

Additionally, make the decision to follow strict path to goal achievement. Resolve to attain high performance. Then be diligent with your execution. You must be disciplined for positive lifestyle change. Discipline is giving yourself a command and executing it. Take focused and strict action daily. Set strategic routines, make daily action plans and strictly follow them.

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7 Ways To Achieve Innovation And Power

Achieve innovation and power to help achieve your goals. Defining new concepts and methods to implement increases your power. In addition, self awareness is increased through the practice of the following concepts. But first let us define innovation and power.

Power: capability to direct/influence outcomes.
Innovation: a new concept or method.

Through Constant Curiosity

Your curiosity allows you to direct mental effort toward a chosen topic. In fact, without sincere interest, you will not have the motivation to act on goal. In contrast, sincere interest in an objective gives you energy to act on goal.

Do not underestimate the importance of this principle. Because it is a quality that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Curiosity leads to burning desire that drives action. For this reason, make sure you have sincere interest in your objectives. As a result, you can harness obsession to move forward decisively.

Through Strategic Implementation

Knowledge and innovation are useless without application. To clarify, strategic application of knowledge will increase power. In addition, strategic application of knowledge will increase innovation. To emphasize, we are only concerned with applied power, not potential power.

Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end. – Napolean Hill

Furthermore, through application of knowledge, you can define cause and effect relationships. Which allow increased self awareness from gained understanding.

Knowledge → Applied Action → Results = Increased Clarity + Increased Self Awareness = POWER

Achieve Innovation And Power Through Attention And Sensory Refinement

Give full attention to the present moment and experience. Because power is developed from understanding the fundamental essence of things. Also, refined senses allow you to see subtle qualities of things. Which give precise control of focus and mental effort.

Consequently, you must consistently refine your senses to perceive only the truth of natural law. As a result, you will achieve more innovation and power through your accurate thinking. When your thoughts, beliefs and actions align with natural law, your power is limited only by your vision.

By Acknowledging The Unseen Aspects Of Life

Recognize that infinite power and infinite wisdom come from a universal intelligence. In addition, this universal intelligence is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. In other words, it is all powerful, all knowing and present everywhere.

The realization of your desire is created through a channel to the universal intelligence. Although unseen, do not underestimate the infinite power of universal intelligence. Faith comes from understanding natural law. Significantly, know your thoughts and corresponding vibrations will attract results in resonance to your ideal.

Through The Balance Of Art And Science

Art is the application of creative skill and imagination. Subsequently, innovation comes from art. In addition, creativity follows a more diverse and flexible way of life. In contrast, science or knowledge is the state of knowing. Consequently, to know is to be inflexible. Because the act of knowing results in narrow-mindedness.

Of course, finding the proper balance between art and science is ideal. As a result, you can harness the creativity of art with the certainty of science.

By Improving Mental And Physical Health

Your overall mind-body health defines your life. Mental and physical health are the main variables that limit success. For this reason, to increase power you must keep a strong body and mind. To maintain a healthy mind-body, eat whole foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, oils, starches, proteins) and stay away from processed foods.

If you value your life, then educate yourself on healthy living. Eat right, think right and act right – exercise. Because a strong body strengthens your discipline and will. Go for a 10-20 minute sprint/run 3 times a week, to become great in your life.

Through Awareness Of Universal Connectivity

Your thoughts and actions affect the environment on a universal level. For example, the food you eat affects your mind-body on a cellular level. To clarify, imagine moving internally to the atomic level and moving externally to the planetary level. Basically, everything is inter-connected because it all comes from the same substance.

Here is an excellent quote from Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System, that relates the importance of universal connectivity:

You have found that the individual may act on the Universal, and that the result of this action and interaction is cause and effect. Thought, therefore, is the cause, and the experiences with which you meet in life are effect.

Direct your effort to the realization of the mental resources, always at your command, from which all real and lasting power comes.

Do not underestimate the power of universal law. Be aware of what you do and how it affects life circumstances. As a result, you can think and act correctly for positive results. In addition, through awareness innovation and power increases.

In conclusion, to achieve innovation and power you must have a curiosity for life. Curiosity leads to desire which drives action. And action is the expression of power. Consequently, to achieve more innovation and power you must apply what you learn.

Direct you attention in alignment with your goals. Refine your senses through perception of natural law. Because power comes from understanding universal connectivity. In fact, your thoughts and actions will attract resonant effects. Think positive and act positive to attract positive results.

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Brain Restart Method By John Reese


Use the Brain Restart Method exercise to further clarify your mind. The purpose of this exercise is to remove all mental blockages. Because a clear mind allows more potential to focus mental effort. Consequently, focused mental effort is fundamental to success.

In addition to listing ToDos and desires, you will also list out fears and worries. This process will free up your mental RAM.


Step 1: The ToDo Expedition

Write down everything you can think of that you need to do. Personal or Business.

Step 2: The Desire Adventure

Write down everything that you want in your life that you currently don’t have.

Step 3: The Fear Discovery

Write down everything that you are afraid of or worry about.

Step 4 : Read All Your Entries

Read all your entries, on-by-one, OUTLOUD in the order you wrote them down.

Step 5: Write Down New Thoughts

Write down any new thoughts on the appropriate list when it pops into your head.

Step 6: Examine Your Fear Discovery Entries

Examine the Fear Discovery entries and think of possible solutions that can alleviate them. If you think of things ToDo or Desire, as part of a solution, then add it to that list. If you think of a complete solution that you can do, then add it to your ToDo list and strike it off your Fear list.

Step 7: Examine Your Desire Adventure Entries

Examine your Desire Adventure entries and think of possible solutions so you can acquire them. If you think of things ToDo or Fear add it to that list.

Step 8: Prioritize Your ToDo Expedition Entries

Now prioritize your ToDo entries… Then sit back and relax.


It is time to TAKE ACTION with your master ToDo list. Start at the top and get to work. When you complete an item strike it off your list.

Keep details about your Fears (the ones you can do something about) near you at all times.

Learn to be better at the game your choosing to play. – John Reese


This Brain Restart Method is a powerful exercise you can do on a consistent basis. As a result, your mind will become more organized. Don’t underestimate the importance of The Fear Discovery step. Facing and conquering fear builds confidence and courage.

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Conscious-Subconscious Minds Illustration

Your conscious-subconscious minds are two levels of the whole Mind. Understanding the conscious-subconscious minds will help you organize your mind. As a result, you can direct your mental effort to align with your Vision.

Conscious-Subconsciousness Minds Illustration

conscious and subconscious minds

The Conscious Mind Is The Lowest Level Of Mind

The conscious mind manages the executive functions of Mind. Further, it is the part that thinks and reasons. It deals with mental control and self regulation. Below is a list of executive functions.

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control
  • Emotional control
  • Behavioral control
  • Situational awareness (the ability to shift tasks)
  • Activity initiation
  • Working memory
  • Planning and organization (mental and environmental

Your conscious mind is the control center of the Mind. In fact, it directs your focus and mental effort. Consequently, your objective must be to direct your conscious mind to the achievement of your goals. In addition, consistently redirect your conscious mind back to focus. This will develop a disciplined mind and bring positive results.

The Subconscious Mind Is The Power Center Of Your Mind

The subconscious mind manages mind-body functions automatically. It defines your mindsets, attitude, beliefs, values and motivation. Consequently, you must program your subconscious mind in alignment with your goals. Because your fundamental mindset determines your habitual thoughts and actions.

You must make rewiring you subconscious the main priority in life. Because your subconscious is precise how it executes its tasks. It will execute negative programming as easily as positive programming. For this reason, direct maximum effort into reprogramming a positive mindset.

Use strict daily routines to develop positive habits and behaviors.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Through Your Conscious Mind

Your level of success and how you experience life represent your subconscious state. The degree of attitude, clarity, focus and motivation are signals that define your subconscious state. In that case, use your conscious mind to monitor these signals. In fact, use your self awareness to monitor mindset and adjust accordingly.

The subconscious is conditioned through environmental exposure. For example words, concepts, situations and suggestions in your environment influence your subconscious. Accordingly, seek positive environmental influences to condition your subconscious.

Associate with positive people and circumstances to make this happen. In addition, use positive media (books, videos, mp3s) to develop a growth mindset. Think, speak and act positively to further condition your subconscious. Practice consistently every day. Because you must set positive habits through repetition. Be precise, strict and disciplined. Decide and commit now.

In conclusion, use both your conscious-subconscious minds to achieve your goals. Reprogramming your subconscious mind is fundamental to success. The conscious mind is the tool to make this happen. Because the conscious mind enables your self-awareness to monitor thoughts and actions. Consequently, through self-awareness you can remove negative conditioning and add positive conditioning.

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5 Ideas To Master Emotions And Achieve Mental Clarity

Master emotions to achieve mental clarity. Because they affect the way you think, perceive and act. Consequently, you must master your emotions to achieve greater success. Also, harness the power of emotions to achieve greater mental focus, control and motivation.

Clarity Through Calm Emotions

In contrast, negative emotions cloud your judgement. For this reason, control negative emotions for clear and accurate thinking. Look at the list below of basic positive and negative emotions.

  • Negative emotions: FEAR, anger, sadness
  • Positive emotions: LOVE, happiness, excitement

Certainly, there are also secondary emotions. But, just concentrate on the basic ones. Then simply increase your positive emotions and decrease your negative emotions.

master emotions and achieve mental clarity

Through Mind-Body Connection

Don’t underestimate the mind-body connection. Your physical actions affect your mental state. Also, your mental thoughts affect your physical state. Your mind is the master controller of your life.

Consequently, you must control your mind-body to achieve mental clarity. You can control your mental state with practice. As a result, your mental clarity will improve rapidly.

Self-Awareness Of Emotions

First, identify the emotion you are experiencing in each moment. Second, choose to either keep it or eliminate it. Practice being aware of the mental states you experience. If you experience a negative emotion, then use a method to change it.

Below is a method for changing emotional states.

  1. Be aware of your state – your self awareness is your most powerful resource
  2. Change your thinking – does the emotion contribute to being the best version of yourself
  3. Change your physiology – smile, do superman pose, jump up and down
  4. Exercise – it’s impossible to feel bad and exercise
  5. Change your breathing – breath in deeply from your abdomen
  6. Relax your muscles – do a simple meditation to relax your mind and body
  7. Change your vision – look around and observe your surroundings, go outside if possible
  8. Pay attention to someone else – stop being self centered and think of helping someone else
  9. Use resource anchors – associations you have made to pleasant and powerful feelings
  10. Eat – only if you are needing the nutrition to fuel your brain-body

Finally, remember emotional states are not static. Your emotional states will eventually change on their own. But remember, your ability to control emotional state is a master skill.

Through Positive Visualization

Positive visualization is an excellent way to master your emotions for mental clarity. Because it allows you to raise your emotional response. In addition, consistent visualization practice helps you clarify your vision.

Deep Abdominal Breathing

Proper breathing instantly increases mental clarity. For this reason, add deep breathing to your daily routine. Decide to practice consistently. Be strict and follow it. If you need more instruction, then do a search for breathing methods.

In conclusion, you must master emotions to achieve mental clarity. Because emotions can motivate or demotivate you. For example, negative emotions can cloud your judgement. Consequently, poor judgement equals poor decisions and results.

Also, you achieve mental clarity through the mind-body connection. Ultimately, self awareness determines your degree of self control. So include deep breathing and visualizing exercises to increase self control. As a result, you will achieve mental clarity faster.

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7 Powerful Ways To Form New Habits

Form new habits to change your life. A habit is a routine or behavior usually repeated unconsciously. For this reason, follow a strict method to form new habits. Because habits are difficult to overcome. Consequently, learning how to form new habits is fundamental to goal achievement.

To become more goal oriented, you must form new habits that support your vision. Accordingly, you will have to increase your self awareness to see your negative habits. Then you can replace the negative habits with strategic habits. As a result, strategic habits will program your subconscious with a positive mindset.

The following are 7 powerful ways to from new habits by increasing mental attention, clarity, focus and self awareness.

A. Practicing self awareness and challenging your assumptions.

A high level of self awareness is needed for all self improvement. In particular, you must practice self awareness to observe habitual routines and behaviors. Then you can remove the negative behaviors and replace them with positive ones.

In addition, challenge the basis of all your actions. Because many of your assumptions are baseless beliefs. For this reason, form new habits by replacing baseless beliefs with solid assumptions.

B. Maintaining strong focus on your vision and eliminate anything that diminishes your focus.

Your focus determines the path you act on. Of course, to create your vision your habits must align with your vision. Likewise, you must eliminate habits that diminish your focus on vision. As a result, harness increased energy and motivation to direct forward momentum.

C. Placing full attention on the direction your focus and life is heading.

What you give attention to determines your priorities. Certainly, to be successful you must place full attention on positive life direction. Be disciplined. Because to be who you want to be, you must decide and commit.

Your focus remains until acted on by an opposing force. Behaviors changing the positive direction of your focus must be eliminated. To emphasize, place full attention on your life direction and form new habits that align with it.

D. Changing your deeper subconscious conditioning, not by attempting to change the objective behavior.

To make permanent positive changes, it is necessary to reprogram the subconscious with a positive mindset. Because your subconscious conditioning will ultimately override your willpower. In short, habits stem from the unconscious. Furthermore, you must control your thinking to recondition the subconscious.

E. Accepting your present mindset does not align with the life path you desire.

Accept your present life situation was created by your past thinking patterns. Because you must be aware of incorrect mental conditioning before you can change it. In fact, to succeed your mindset must align with your vision of success. Habits reflect your internal attitude. Thus, decide to develop the attitude of a winner.

F. Deciding your habits are fundamental to achieving your goals.

All successful people are decisive. Consequently, you must decide with certainty to form new positive habits. No excuses. Practice the discipline of intentional thinking to direct new habit formation. Because positive habits determine success.

G. Defining strategic habits and setting a plan of implementation.

Analyze your behaviors and routines, then determine habits to form and habits to eliminate. Important to realize stopping negative habits allows space for positive habits. First, define your positive habits. Next, define and set routines that include the new habits. Following set routines strengthen your success mindset.

In conclusion, positive habits that align with your vision are fundamental to success. You must reprogram your subconscious to form new habits permanently. Also, use self awareness to analyze your behaviors and routines. Then you can direct your attention to eliminate actions that diminish positive focus. Decide now. Make no excuses. Furthermore, define strategic habits now and begin to implement the routines.

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Master Motivation In 5 Steps

Master motivation to become more successful. Your motivation is your ambition, enthusiasm, determination and initiative. Consequently, your expectations determine your motivation. In fact, your confidence in achieving your goals is your motivating force. Below are 5 steps to master motivation.

Defining Your Vision

Your motivation is driven by the desire to have something. For this reason, most people focus on a specific event of their desire (i.e. making a million dollars). In contrast, master motivation is achieved by concentrating on a greater purpose. Because your greater vision requires completion of smaller tasks (events). Therefore, defining your greater vision is an absolute must to master motivation.

Managing Environments

You must understand that you have limited willpower. Consequently, you want to create positive environments for maximum success. For example, strictly monitor all media exposure ; audios, videos and written print. Also, consider your physical surroundings and the people you associate with. Always ask yourself if the exposure supports the success mindset you want to achieve your goals.

Strengthening Mindset

A success oriented mindset is fundamental to success. In fact, you can’t achieve success without it. Because your level of motivation is determined by your mindset. First, be aware thoughts and mental images are mindset components. Therefore, you must strictly monitor both components to strengthen your mindset.

Below is a short list of ways to master motivation by strengthening your mindset.

  • Monitor thoughts and mental images daily
  • Practice positive visualization daily
  • Make and execute a daily action plan

Finally, concentrate and focus on all daily tasks. Work to clarify your mind to keep it from wandering. Because a wandering mind takes energy away from positive forward momentum.

Building Momentum

Build momentum towards your goals by setting a positive mental direction. To clarify, to achieve your goals you must consistently move towards them. In the first place, work every day to execute your daily plan. For master motivation, everything you do must be related to achieving your goals. Frame your life around your greater vision.

Asking The Right Questions

An excellent way to master motivation is to ask yourself the right questions. Remember, the quality of your life = the quality of questions you ask yourself. For example, below are some questions to ask yourself for more mental clarity and motivation.

  1. Define what success means to you? What do you have to accomplish to feel successful?
  2. Who do I want to be? What qualities do I want to have? How can I achieve these qualities?
  3. Define what is your greatest goal? How does it fulfill your vision?
  4. What are you grateful for? How does being grateful help motivate you?
  5. Define what stops you from fulfilling your vision? How can you visualize conquering all obstacles to success?

First, make the decision to get control over your mind. Visualize a clear image of your ideal life and replay it daily. By asking the right questions daily you will increase your forward momentum.

In conclusion, learn to master motivation for maximum success. First, clarify your vision daily to set your forward path. Secondly, strictly monitor your environments to encourage the positive and eliminate the negative. Also, always work to strengthen your mindset for success orientation.

Take positive action towards your goals every day to build forward momentum. Finally, ask the right questions daily to get control over your mind. As a result, you will succeed motivation easily.

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5 Ways To Make Decisive Action

To make decisive action you must focus on task. In fact, decisiveness requires full concentration on your purpose. In contrast, indecisiveness is the result of lack of purpose. So to make decisive action you must know the correct action.

Most people do not have a clear purpose. As a result, most people do not know how to act correctly. There are some basic ways to ensure you make decisive action. Then your actions will be productive.

a. Be consistent and perform right actions daily.

It takes consistent practice to build a habit. Being decisive and taking action is a skill you can learn. Also, to make precise actions requires practice. It is a cumulative process. Which over time brings powerful results.

b. Build momentum with consistent growth and progress.

You must commit to consistent growth and progress. First, decide to act in a certain way. Act, review and keep improving. Because you must make adjustments to your actions to build momentum. Then your focus will direct you to act on goals.

c. Make decisive action and create a daily action plan.

To be decisive, invest in planning and setting priorities. Because completing important tasks help to motivate you. In addition, completing valuable tasks help to build momentum. Which makes it easier to make more decisive action.

d. Practice single-tasking to improve clarity and focus.

Certainly clarity and focus help you make decisive action. To accomplish your goals you must work on important tasks until completion. As a result of this practice, you will become more decisive. Likewise, you will complete more strict action.

e. Continually refine your purpose and vision.

A clear vision motivates you to take action toward goals. Similarly, a clear purpose directs you toward correct decisions. Consistently visualize yourself achieving goals which support your vision. With practice you will become capable of making decisive action quickly.

In conclusion, it takes consistent focus to make decisive action. You can learn the skill of decision-making. For this reason you must create a daily action plan. Because the process of creating a daily action plan will help refine your vision. Then the practice of single-tasking will assure you make decisive action.

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How To Take Decisive Action Daily

You must take decisive action daily to accomplish goals. Similarly you must be decisive to move forward on purpose. In fact, it is not possible to be successful without being decisive. Certainly take responsibility for your decisions. In addition, learn to think and be a leader.

Practice Leadership Principles

Your ability to take decisive action depends on your capability. In fact, capability comes from accomplishing commitments. Practice leadership principles to improve your decision-making. See some leadership principles below:

  • Know your purpose and Vision.
  • Be self-aware and seek self-improvement.
  • Know your team and help them grow.
  • Keep your team informed.
  • Set the highest example.
  • Insure your mission is understood, executed and accomplished.
  • Train your team continually.
  • Make precise and timely decisions.
  • Seek responsibility and develop responsibility with team.
  • Execute your command with the highest capabilities.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.

You must be a leader to execute your vision and take decisive action. In addition, you need to make the decision to create a daily action plan.

Take Decisive Action Daily By Planning

Create a decisive plan of what you need to do on a daily basis. Also strive to act from a position of power. Practice the discipline of daily planning. Then you will strengthen your decision making ability. Also, write out an action plan and execute. Because it takes mental clarity to take decisive action daily.

Mental Clarity For Decisive Action

You must become clear on who you are and what you want. As a result, it will become easier to make decisive actions. And remember that strict action will create momentum and motivation. Also, consistency and motivation improve by knowing desired outcomes.

Without a clear vision you will not take decisive action daily. A clear vision raises your faith in personal achievement. As an illustration, Commitment and Courage leads to Capability which results in Confidence. Confidence in your capability to achieve your goals will encourage decisive action.

In conclusion, decisive action requires strict planning. In addition, follow leadership principles to develop discipline. Through this daily action your mental clarity will improve. As a result of mental clarity, you can take more decisive action.

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3 Ways To Take Precise Action

For you to live your vision, you must take precise action. Be consistent. In this case, your actions need to be specific to what you want to accomplish. For example, setting clear tasks that move you toward your daily goals. Then use single tasking with full attention until each task is done.

Take Precise Action Through Discipline

When you decide on a course of action, you must follow through with it. Because the ability to follow a self command dictates your level of discipline. Take precise action by being strict. In fact, you have to be strict to accomplish your goals.

By setting exact plans and following them strictly, your mind will become focused and precise. In addition, the precise action will result in higher efficiency. Also, being efficient raises your level of discipline. And remember, precise actions become precise results. Which is a path to the success you want.

You Must Make Consistent Progress On Goals

Daily progress toward your goals requires concentration. By following a strict action plan, you will see precise results. And these precise results will make concentration easier. Because your mind will become more clear on what you want.

As a result, increased attention, focus and concentration leads to increased mental precision. Additionally, by being more precise you will unlock greater subconscious resources. Don’t underestimate the importance of making consistently daily progress on goals.

Define And Follow Strict Result Oriented Routines

You must make a definite decision to act in a precise way. Because most of your actions come from your habits. Your unconscious conditioning directs daily actions. So to take precise action you want to define routines. Which deliver precise results. Include a trigger, behavior and result. Listed below are a few examples:

1) Morning Routine – Trigger (alarm going off or eyes opening), Behavior (make bed, wash face, drink glass of water, 10 minutes light exercise, read power affirmations, 30 minutes self improvement work, healthy protein smoothie), Result (precise action, growth and progress toward goals)

2) Diet/Exercise Routine – Trigger (mental fatigue/hunger/tiredness), Behavior (drink water, eat healthy snack or meal/exercise for 20 minutes), Result (more energy, physical strength, mental clarity, healthy body and mind)

3) Empower/Positive Thinking Routine – Trigger (disempowered/negative Mental State), Behavior (self awareness, focus, sit/stand up straight, superman pose, think of empowering metaphor or affirmation), Result (empowered, powerful, confident, courage)

Set Routines For Short Or Long Time Frames

You can make routines for small events or large events. In any event, you are setting up routines to achieve specific results. And remember to organize scheduled routines based off goals, priorities and vision. Also, be strict and hold yourself accountable to your routines. Finally, refuse to be distracted. Be disciplined.

In conclusion, you must take precise action to achieve your goals. Because precise action brings precise results. In addition, precise action allows you to control your environment. Through your level of discipline you have the choice to change yourself and your environment.

Now when you take precise action you can achieve more personal growth, progress and fulfillment.

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Power Steps To Define Your Master Vision

Powerful men have a clear master vision. You must consciously create your own vision. Begin by striving to become a visionary. Clarify your purpose and goals. Most of all stop living by everyone’s expectations. And, start reprogramming your unconscious conditioning now.

Remember most everything you act, think, feel and achieve results from your habits. You must identify your habits to change them. Therefore, work on improving your self awareness. Begin by defining your self ideal.

Define Who You Want To Become

First of all, you must determine who you want to become. To have a clear vision you must have excellent self awareness. For this reason, you must know who you are and know what drives you. With this in mind, complete the following exercise:

Write down all the words that mean something to you. Such as words that energize you. Now, choose 10 words that represent who you want to become. Write these words on a single page to look at daily.

Because words relate feelings, they are powerful. As a result, thoughts are more powerful. Questions provoke thoughts through imagination.

Consequently, asking the right questions help define your master vision. Answer the following questions. And, write them down.

  • Who are you now?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • What standards do you want to live by?
  • What do you value about life?
  • What attributes, values and qualities do you admire in other people?

Now, answer the following questions for further analysis:

Ask Yourself These Questions Daily

  • Do your thoughts reflect the quality of person you want to become?
  • How quickly do you adjust your thoughts to support the person you want to become?
  • Is this thought going to affect my life a year from now?
  • Am I doing my best to think right?

Those are a few questions to start laying the foundation of your master vision. Because self awareness results in mental clarity. Commit to strengthening your vision daily. Finally, practice for more clarity.

Practice Method For Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is power. Mental power increases through mental organization. And, there are practice methods to organize the mind. Defining your goals is an important practice method. First, you must determine your long term goals. Then you can list the steps needed to achieve each goal. Look at a specific set of tasks as a project within a goal.

Remember: Work everyday to strengthen your vision.

For the most part, you will need a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan. Of course, the daily plan must be completed everyday. The practice of daily planning results in mental clarity. In fact, mental clarity can’t be obtained without daily planning. Further, daily planning is just one step necessary to define your master vision.

Visualize To Define Your Master Vision

Another important practice method for mental clarity is visualization. Visualization is the process of forming mental images. And these mental images become the model from which your vision forms. First, you idealize the goal you want to achieve.

Once you have the end goal, refine the outline, then the details to accomplish the goal. Visualizing will take mental work. You must sit down to concentrate on making the picture more and more complete.

Your thought will lead to action. Then action will develop methods. And finally, methods will result in circumstances leading to materialization of your goal.

Define Actions To Support Your Master Vision

Although goals help define your vision, action is needed to live it. Your daily actions eventually become habits. For this reason, it is important to control your actions. You must define positive and negative actions. The following questions will help you.


  • What actions can you take to make your vision more clear?
  • What actions do you need more of in your life?
  • What actions do you need less of in your life?
  • Do your actions reflect the quality of person you want to become?
  • How quickly do you adjust your actions to support the person you want to become?
  • What actions can you do to bring more health into your life?
  • What actions can you do to bring more wealth into your life?
  • What actions can you do to bring more happiness into your life?

Ask daily:

  • Is this action going to affect my life a year from now?
  • Am I doing my best to act right?

Spend some time answering the questions truthfully. Because your answers will bring you mental clarity. Significantly, thought moves to action. Action becomes the method. Then method results in circumstance.


In conclusion, to define your master vision you must develop mental clarity. As mental clarity increases you become more self aware. Self awareness is needed to define the deeper aspects of your master vision. Consequently, it takes daily practice to strengthen your vision.

Work with discipline and be consistent. Focus, plan and practice daily to define your master vision. Because you become what you think about. Think about greatness and success.

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How To Feel Good Always

It is important to make feeling good a top priority. With practice you can make feeling good a habit. Living a masterful life begins with concentrating on what makes you feel good. Health, wealth and happiness result from positive habits.

Feeling Good Is A Habit To Practice

To feel good all the time, it is necessary to practice with positive intention. Few people know that feeling good is a learned state of mind. By concentrating on doing things that make you feel good, you will develop the habit of happiness. To maintain happiness, you will have to stop doing things that make you feel bad.

Consistent Practice Makes Feeling Good Automatic

With consistent practice over a period of time, you will begin to feel good always. By programming a pattern of feeling good, happiness will become automatic. Feeling good is a habit.

Make the goal of feeling good a top priority.

Because you will do great things whenever you feel good. Do the things that make you feel good and you will develop the pattern of goodness.

Give attention to your body sensations. You’ll feel light and expansive inside when you feel good. You’ll be more positive and optimistic whenever you feel good.

Be aware of your subtle thoughts that make you feel more positive. Thoughts proceed action. You act right because you think right.

Eating Healthy and Natural Foods To Feel Good

One of the best ways to feel good is to eat healthy foods. Experiment with eating different types and quantities of food. This will help to determine what makes you feel greatest. Eat natural foods.

You’ll feel excellent from eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, starches and meats. Find the right balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat to feel your best for you.

By eating healthy food your putting positive energies into your body. These positive energies are are assimilated to help with positive growth and expansion. Positive growth and expansion encourages greater clarity, discipline and focus. Clarity leads to positive health, wealth and happiness.

Good Thoughts Make You Feel Good

To feel good and to live a good life you must think right. It is possible to feel good by changing your emotional state. You must have good thoughts to feel good. When you think right you feel more confident, excited and motivated to be successful. You will feel good because you are enthusiastic about fulfilling your vision.

When you feel good in your body you will know positive things are happening. You will feel airy and light on the inside. And you will often feel tingling sensations from positive emotions. Your mental state will be optimistic, which indicates your resonating with positive energies.

To Become Masterful You Must Feel Good

If you want to become a master at your craft you must feel good. When you feel good you have more energy to concentrate on your craft. You will feel great achieving what is important. You become masterful by concentrating on relevant tasks and doing what you love. This builds a positive cycle of good thoughts, good feelings and good actions. Your mind will begin to stay focused on positive things.

Think About Your Passion And Vision To Feel Good

Concentrate on what makes you feel good. Think about and act on things that make you feel good. You must determine your purpose, your vision and do the things needed to fulfill them. Ask your self empowering questions about what makes you feel good.

Pay attention to things that make you feel bad and things that make you feel good. End your negative habits and develop positive habits that support your vision.

You must make it a top priority to feel good. Feeling good is the only way to live a happy life. Consider how you will nurture your Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. High levels of goodness in your life will result in positive experiences and results.

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How To Control Your Beliefs

Your beliefs define your life. If you want to change your life you have to change your beliefs. It is amazing how broad the effects are of changing your beliefs. To change your life you will have to program your beliefs.

Patterns of Thinking Programmed Into Your Subconscious Mind

Your life defines your constant mindset (mental programming). The thoughts and ideas you have define your life. These thoughts and ideas about life rest in the subconscious mind. The subconscious nature of beliefs often hides them from our awareness.

It takes practice to change the patterns of our thinking, thus to change our beliefs.

Beliefs Form Your Mind During Childhood

At an early age you had no beliefs. Your beliefs formed through every situation you experienced when you were young. What you heard, saw, tasted, smelled and touched helped define your beliefs. The young mind absorbs beliefs because it has nothing to base its reasoning on. It can not filter out the truth.

The subconscious of the young mind accepts all good or bad beliefs introduced to it. These beliefs can be on relationships, love, money, success and many other things. All these beliefs form at an early age. It is difficult to change these beliefs without a specific method.

The Environments You Live In Influence Your Beliefs

The main source of your beliefs came from your parents or guardians. You interpret many things the way you observed in youth. Another source of your beliefs came from your teachers during school. The adults you looked up to as role models influenced your beliefs.

Being exposed to successful models makes you more likely to be successful. Being exposed to unsuccessful models makes you more likely to be unsuccessful.

The environments you spend the majority of your time in define and refine your beliefs. To change your habits and beliefs spend time around positive people and environments.

Beliefs Influence How You Interpret Your Environment

Your beliefs determine how you see your environment. It is important understand this powerful fact. Your ability to interpret a situation determines how you will act on that situation. How you see your environment is like the detail of a map. The more detailed the map the easier it is to reach destinations on the map.

By having the right beliefs you will see the truth in events. And by seeing true causes and effects of situations, you can plan to achieve your goals.

Right Beliefs Are Necessary To Achieving Success

You must have the right beliefs if you want to reach your goals. Your self concept results from what you believe. You must believe you are capable of achieving your goals. And you must believe you have the self worth to deserve success.

Your beliefs determine your motivation, vision and persistence. They allow you to do what it takes to be successful. Success results from right beliefs.

You will be more focused, positive and decisive when you believe in your ability to reach your goals. So you have to practice monitoring what you think and how you feel. Reprogramming your subconscious mind is the only way to change beliefs.

I will discuss how to reprogram your subconscious in another article.

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