Brain Restart Method By John Reese


Use the Brain Restart Method exercise to further clarify your mind. The purpose of this exercise is to remove all mental blockages. Because a clear mind allows more potential to focus mental effort. Consequently, focused mental effort is fundamental to success.

In addition to listing ToDos and desires, you will also list out fears and worries. This process will free up your mental RAM.


Step 1: The ToDo Expedition

Write down everything you can think of that you need to do. Personal or Business.

Step 2: The Desire Adventure

Write down everything that you want in your life that you currently don’t have.

Step 3: The Fear Discovery

Write down everything that you are afraid of or worry about.

Step 4 : Read All Your Entries

Read all your entries, on-by-one, OUTLOUD in the order you wrote them down.

Step 5: Write Down New Thoughts

Write down any new thoughts on the appropriate list when it pops into your head.

Step 6: Examine Your Fear Discovery Entries

Examine the Fear Discovery entries and think of possible solutions that can alleviate them. If you think of things ToDo or Desire, as part of a solution, then add it to that list. If you think of a complete solution that you can do, then add it to your ToDo list and strike it off your Fear list.

Step 7: Examine Your Desire Adventure Entries

Examine your Desire Adventure entries and think of possible solutions so you can acquire them. If you think of things ToDo or Fear add it to that list.

Step 8: Prioritize Your ToDo Expedition Entries

Now prioritize your ToDo entries… Then sit back and relax.


It is time to TAKE ACTION with your master ToDo list. Start at the top and get to work. When you complete an item strike it off your list.

Keep details about your Fears (the ones you can do something about) near you at all times.

Learn to be better at the game your choosing to play. – John Reese


This Brain Restart Method is a powerful exercise you can do on a consistent basis. As a result, your mind will become more organized. Don’t underestimate the importance of The Fear Discovery step. Facing and conquering fear builds confidence and courage.

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