Conscious-Subconscious Minds Illustration

Your conscious-subconscious minds are two levels of the whole Mind. Understanding the conscious-subconscious minds will help you organize your mind. As a result, you can direct your mental effort to align with your Vision.

Conscious-Subconsciousness Minds Illustration

conscious and subconscious minds

The Conscious Mind Is The Lowest Level Of Mind

The conscious mind manages the executive functions of Mind. Further, it is the part that thinks and reasons. It deals with mental control and self regulation. Below is a list of executive functions.

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control
  • Emotional control
  • Behavioral control
  • Situational awareness (the ability to shift tasks)
  • Activity initiation
  • Working memory
  • Planning and organization (mental and environmental

Your conscious mind is the control center of the Mind. In fact, it directs your focus and mental effort. Consequently, your objective must be to direct your conscious mind to the achievement of your goals. In addition, consistently redirect your conscious mind back to focus. This will develop a disciplined mind and bring positive results.

The Subconscious Mind Is The Power Center Of Your Mind

The subconscious mind manages mind-body functions automatically. It defines your mindsets, attitude, beliefs, values and motivation. Consequently, you must program your subconscious mind in alignment with your goals. Because your fundamental mindset determines your habitual thoughts and actions.

You must make rewiring you subconscious the main priority in life. Because your subconscious is precise how it executes its tasks. It will execute negative programming as easily as positive programming. For this reason, direct maximum effort into reprogramming a positive mindset.

Use strict daily routines to develop positive habits and behaviors.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Through Your Conscious Mind

Your level of success and how you experience life represent your subconscious state. The degree of attitude, clarity, focus and motivation are signals that define your subconscious state. In that case, use your conscious mind to monitor these signals. In fact, use your self awareness to monitor mindset and adjust accordingly.

The subconscious is conditioned through environmental exposure. For example words, concepts, situations and suggestions in your environment influence your subconscious. Accordingly, seek positive environmental influences to condition your subconscious.

Associate with positive people and circumstances to make this happen. In addition, use positive media (books, videos, mp3s) to develop a growth mindset. Think, speak and act positively to further condition your subconscious. Practice consistently every day. Because you must set positive habits through repetition. Be precise, strict and disciplined. Decide and commit now.

In conclusion, use both your conscious-subconscious minds to achieve your goals. Reprogramming your subconscious mind is fundamental to success. The conscious mind is the tool to make this happen. Because the conscious mind enables your self-awareness to monitor thoughts and actions. Consequently, through self-awareness you can remove negative conditioning and add positive conditioning.

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