Control Positive And Negative Energy For Maximum Success

To control positive and negative energy is fundamental to success. Most people are unaware of their energy state. In fact, to be successful, you must create more positive energy than negative energy. To clarify, visualize positive energy as a positive forward state. And negative energy as a negative backward state.

For example, imagine moving forward toward your desired objective as positive energy. In contrast, imagine moving backward away from your desired objective as negative energy. This is an absolute fundamental concept to understand to succeed.

Equal Positive and Negative Energy Will Cancel Each Other Out

To accomplish your goals you must progress forward. In fact, anything other than forward progress is a negative direction. Consequently, you can not succeed without consistent forward progress on goal. For this reason, most people are not successful because their energy states cancel each other out.

control positive and negative energy

You must control positive and negative energy. When you have more negative than positive energy, regression occurs. When you have more positive than negative energy, progression occurs. Consequently, for maximum success you must increase positive energy and lower negative energy.

For Maximum Success Generate More Positive Than Negative Energy

Control positive and negative energy because it is crucial to achieve success. Certainly, controlling energy is the only way to accomplish your goals. Minimize negative energy and maximize positive energy. Through discipline you will increase forward momentum and progress. As a result, consistent momentum and progress will bring consistent results.

To clarify, you want to identify causes of negative and positive energy. Below are examples that result in negative energy.

Negative Energy Sources

a) Unhealthy diet choices – energy from all food intake is assimilated into your system

Although we have individual mind-body dynamics, there is a baseline to consider. For example, excess sugars, white flour, hydrogenated oils, alcohol, processed foods and sugary drinks will result in negative energy.

b) Negative thinking and speech – complaining, criticizing, arrogance, lack of gratitude, entitlement, etc.

All negative thought and speech patterns will cause negative results. Consequently, negative thinking drives negative action. In addition, negative thinking and speaking uses valuable energy. Which decreases potential positive energy.

c) Weak and scarcity mindsets, behaviors and lifestyles

Weak and scarcity mindsets, undisciplined behaviors and lifestyles are the result of habitual negative energy. Certainly, it is impossible to progress with greater negative than positive energy. In fact, your mindsets ultimately define your energetic state.

Imagine you have a set amount of energy potential (like a battery). If your overall lifestyle is defined by negative energy states, then the result will be life regression. For this reason, potential positive energy decreases.

Positive Energy Sources

Now, here are some examples of positive energy causes:

a) Eating a healthy diet with unprocessed whole foods – and properly hydrate

Remember, these are baseline suggestions. Eat mainly vegetables, fruits and staples such as rice, potatoes and legumes. Always keep hydrated by drinking water. If desired, eat quality grass-fed meats (quality proteins). Consume healthy oils (olive, coconut, avocado). Eat eggs, nuts and seeds.

b) Positive thought and speech – practice gratitude, positive expectation and visualization

Think, speak and visualize positive ideals and objectives. As a result, you will increase your positive energy. If you do speak of others, then always speak positively. Because your view of others is a reflection of yourself. Also, talk about your dreams, goals and aspirations and why you want to achieve them.

Successful people talk about their positive futures ninety-percent of the time. You want to be thinking and speaking how you are improving every day. Because positive thinking and visualizing will result in positive expectation.

c) Positive mindsets, behaviors and lifestyles

Be open to growth opportunities and situations. Consequently, your potential positive energy will expand. Which will result in increased positive energy and momentum. Follow strict daily routines to increase positive behaviors. In addition, a positive lifestyle is the result of vision, purpose, focus and motivation.

Consistently clarify your vision and hold yourself accountable to strict planning. You must remove the distractions to accomplishing your goals. As a result, your positive energy will increase further.

Be Aware And Monitor Negative Energy Signals

To put it another way, you must identify and monitor your mental direction. The objective is to minimize negative energy (backward direction) and maximize positive energy (forward direction).

To emphasize, you must think about what you want, instead of what you do not want. Because your actions will follow what you think and visualize. Also, actively increase positive energy and decrease negative energy.

Your thoughts, mental imagery and feelings are signals of your energy state. Below are some questions to help you monitor and identify your mental direction – to control positive and negative energy.

1) How often do you imagine negative outcomes? How often do you imagine positive outcomes? What mental imagery do you have for the outcomes?

2) How often do you think and speak about negative circumstances, conditions and outcomes? How often do you think and speak about positive circumstances, conditions and outcomes?

3) Do you think and visualize about a negative future or a positive future? How can you correct your mental direction quickly and move from a negative to positive mental direction?

In conclusion, you want to control positive and negative energy to achieve success. Imagine positive energy as moving forward toward your goals. In contrast, negative energy is moving away from your goals. Positive and negative energy states can cancel each other out.

For this reason, you must generate more positive than negative energy. A healthy mind-body balance will result in positive energy state. Right thinking, positive mindsets and positive behaviors expand your potential positive energy.

Consequently, you want to identify and monitor your mental direction at all times. With consistent practice you will develop the discipline needed to control your energy state.

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