Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

Before you define your Vision, consider the concept of mindset. Because you need the right mindset to succeed. There are two components of mindset.

Thought patterns – the dominant thoughts and mental attitudes (standpoints)
Mental imagery – the visualizations ; imaginations (perspectives)

Certainly, it is easy to underestimate the importance of these two components. However, a controlled mind requires correct thinking and visualizing. In fact, a fundamental goal must be to align your subconscious with a success mindset.

Key Point: Correct thoughts and mental images to Positive influence subconscious = Success mindset.

The rest of the Mental Mastery System will be broken up into three sections. In fact, they are Vision, Energy and Action. The sections contain methods and strategies to master your mind to unlock its true power.

Basic Foundation To Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

A basic fundamental to success is to determine your goals (aim, focus, objective etc.). It is to easy to underestimate the importance of goal setting. To clarify, think in terms of a lifestyle. Set goals to fulfill an ideal lifestyle.

For this reason, consider what excites and interests you. Define what you truly desire (want).

Exercise 1: Answer the questions below.

Identify what you want, what you desire and what excites you. Do not limit yourself. Write your answers down.

Ask what,

Is your ideal lifestyle?
Do you really want to accomplish in life?
Legacy do you want to leave behind?
Gives you energy and motivates you to grow?
Goals are needed to live your ideal lifestyle?

Key point: Defining goals are crucial to success. You need 3-5 defined goals at point in life.

To begin with, define 3-5 major goals that support your ideal lifestyle. For example, I want to build an internet lifestyle business making $10,000 monthly passive income or I want to run a 50k ultrarunning race in 6 months. It is essential to take your time to think about your goals.

Exercise 2: On a single page, write down your 3-5 major goals. Post page where you see it daily. Refine and clarify weekly.

Key point: You can not achieve goals you never defined. To succeed, you must define your goals. In addition, success demands action on goal. Consequently, you want to be action oriented.

Intermediate Foundation To Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

After you have determined an ideal lifestyle, now you need to clarify a deeper meaning (intention, resolution, purpose). In other words, define the reasons you want to live your ideal life. There has to reasons why you want what you want.

Key Point: Your Vision (purpose) represents what is important to you, which you will act on with the highest integrity.

Look at the list of words below to help you clarify your Vision.

Freedom, liberation, innovation, visionary, inspire, greatness, mastery, family, community, society, self-awareness, higher consciousness, legacy, accomplishment, teaching, giving, compassion, honor, discipline, virtue, value

Your true purpose is what motivates and energizes you. Moreover, your purpose represents the heart of your lifestyle. After defining your Vision, you need align your actions in that direction.

Key point: Your Vision creates strong emotional desire that is worthy of expression.

Conclusion – Define Your Vision

Defining your Vision and expressing it is an important cornerstone to your success. Because it increases your energy to move powerfully toward your goals. In fact, your purpose is what motivates you within.

More clarity of Vision generates more energy and motivation. Consequently, setting a clear purpose gives you determination to succeed. Therefore, define your Vision for greater motivation and success.

Key point: A clear Vision (purpose) is fundamental to success.

Action Step: Complete the exercises above.

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