Mindset Determines Success

Your mindset determines success. Mindset determines mental attitude. Resulting in your responses and interpretations of life situations. In fact, your subconscious stores your entire life experience. And it contains all your memories, emotions and perceptions.

Your Mindset Is Defined By Subconscious

What you perceive as truth affects your life experience. Which resides within your subconscious. To clarify, the subconscious is the foundation of your consciousness. Like a deep ocean with waves on the surface.

Your consciousness is like the ocean waves. And your subconscious is like the ocean depths. All thoughts, beliefs and mental imagery manifest from your subconscious. Then in turn defines our mindsets.

Success defines the the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. Additionally, success is the completion of goals. To succeed is to do something you have desired or intended. Your intention defines your purpose or goal. And your mindsets define your desires and intentions.

Whatever your mind sees as important is where your attention follows.

Success Follows What Your Mindset Values

Indeed, this is the reason why the mindset influences every aspect of your life. Your perceptions, beliefs and imagination direct your intention, attention, focus and concentration. Because your mindset determines success, you must have right perceptions and right beliefs.

As a result, intention, attention, focus and concentration strengthen. Right perceptions manifest right beliefs. Which are fundamental to positive intention, attention, focus and concentration. Positive is anything that brings us joy and prosperity.

The following definitions will help you determine your mindset and how to change it:

Perception – to achieve understanding of; understand, comprehend; to become aware of. Right perception is fundamental to achieving a success mindset. Furthermore, your perception defines your depth of consciousness. In addition to what degree you can access and control your unconscious.

Strive for awareness of mental thoughts, imagery and beliefs. Because awareness is needed to change your perception. Practice mindfulness and meditation to live in the moment.

Belief – mental acceptance and conviction in the truth. Actuality or validity in something. Perceptions must change before your beliefs can change. First, you must become aware of the belief. Then you must understand what is negative or untrue about the belief. Also, clarity on right beliefs will help you achieve a success mindset.

Intention – the thing that you plan to do or achieve. An aim or purpose. Likewise, a determination to act in a certain way. Momentary awareness is the only way to direct your true intent. Because momentary awareness makes it possible to plan based off your true purpose. This awareness strengthens your focus and concentration.

A Focused Mindset Determines Success

Focus – center of activity or attention. Point of concentration. What are you thinking throughout the day? What kind of visualizations do you have throughout the day? In addition, are you focused on planned goals? Or do you spend time on unfocused activities (ex. tv, games, computer browsing, pointless socializing, etc.)?

What you see as attention worthy represents what you value in life. To be sure, you will manifest what you focus on. And any goals you achieve will result from sustained focus only.

Concentration – the ability to give your attention or thought to a single object or activity. Your ability to concentrate determines your level of focus. Because skill in concentration equals more power to focus. Once again, momentary awareness allows for higher states of concentration.

Attention – process of concentrating on one aspect of your environment. While blocking out other aspects of that environment. An excellent way to develop right attention is to practice meditation. Where you place your attention determines your success.

These terms help you to understand why your mindset determines success. Because your consciousness originates in the subconscious. Then manifests in thought, perception, emotion and imagination. Your mindset is your mind in action.

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