The Definitive Guide To Natural Law

Understanding natural law is the highest form of intelligence to strive towards. Because natural law is fundamental to all reality. It means understanding from a neutral and unbiased perspective. In other words, understanding natural law requires seeing things as they really are.

Seeing things with true understanding is to see what is natural and real. In contrast, false understanding is thinking all man-made beliefs, laws and ideals are equal to natural law.

Two Types Of Laws

There are two types of laws. Man-made laws and natural laws. Although you can violate man-made laws, you cannot violate natural laws.

Natural laws can be divided into physical laws and mental laws. In general, physical laws can be proven in controlled experiments. Mental laws can only be proven by experience.

Mental laws directly affect your success through cause and effect. Therefore, it is important to understand these laws and integrate them into everything you do.

Self-discipline demands you take control of your thinking. To control your life requires you must control your thoughts. Important to note, your mind is the only thing you have 100% control over. The following list of laws will help you better control your mind for maximum success.

The Law Of Control

The law of control states that you feel positive about yourself to the degree you control your life. In contrast, you feel negative about yourself to the degree you do not control your life.

In fact, in psychology this law is also called the locus of control theory  You either have an internal or external locus of control.

Internal Locus Of Control: believe you have control over conditions, circumstances and situations in your life

External Locus Of Control: believe you do not control conditions, circumstances and situations in your life

With an internal locus of control, you feel you’re in control of your own life. In contrast, a person with an external locus of control feels they are in control over their life. Obviously, a self-improvement and success oriented person will have an internal locus of control.

The Law Of Cause And Effect

The law of cause and effect states for every effect in nature there is a specific cause. In that case, there are specific causes of success and there are specific causes of failure.

If there is certain effect that you want in your life, then you must find (and act on) the cause of that effect. In addition, if there is a certain effect you do not want in your life, then you must find (and stop acting on) the cause of that effect.

To emphasize, be careful of doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

In fact, thoughts are causes and conditions are effects. Consequently, your thoughts are the main causes of the conditions in your life. At any point, your life is the sum total of your thoughts.

The Law Of Belief

The law of belief states whatever you believe to be true becomes your reality. Furthermore, the stronger (emotionally) your positive belief, the more likely it (positive expectancy) will bring positive results.

In contrast, if you believe success is out of your control, then you will quit when things become difficult. Truly, your beliefs set you up for either success or failure.

To adapt and change in life, you must nurture optimistic beliefs. In addition, a positive mental attitude helps create a positive future. This attitude enables you to respond positively and constructively to life.

Finally, you must work to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Because self-limiting beliefs hold you back from positive change. Whatever you consistently believe will eventually become your reality. Accordingly, negative beliefs will always bring negative outcomes.

For this reason, if you want a successful life, then you must grow and increase your positive beliefs. In other words, you must expect you will achieve your aspirations and goals.

The Law Of Expectations

The law of expectations states that whatever you expect becomes your reality. In fact, your expectations influence the beliefs and behaviors of others. In addition, your expectations influence outcomes and situations to work out as you expect.

Consequently, success requires positive attitude and positive expectancy. To be successful, you must expect to be successful. In contrast, unsuccessful people have negative attitudes and negative expectations.

Sources of expectations that influence.

  • First, yourself
  • Second, parents or guardians
  • Third, family and friends
  • Fourth, teachers, authority figures and acquaintances
  • Fifth, society (media, culture, propaganda, etc.)

As an adult, the most important source of expectations comes from yourself (self-expectation). You create your own mental set of expectations. In fact, your expectations have the power to override negative situations in your life.

Another key point, you have influence on the attitude, behaviors and performance of people around you. The more important you are their life, the more powerful your expectations affect them. For this reason, you must strive to empower those around you.

The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction states that you attract life situations in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Furthermore, your life to this point is the result of the sum of your past thoughts.

For this reason, you must think with strong emotion about outcomes you want in your life. If you are clear on what you want, then you will attract (create) these conditions into your life.

Truly, you can change your dominant thoughts through consistent practice. Discipline yourself by thinking about what you want. In contrast, to thinking about what you do not want.

The Law of Correspondence

The law of correspondence states that your outer state is a reflection of your inner state. Consequently, you can understand your mental state by looking at your outside conditions. The following list shows some law of correspondence examples.

Inner State: focused, disciplined, clear minded, self-aware, success conscious, positive attitude, inner locus of control
Outer State: strong and healthy body, clean and organized living conditions, happy and fulfilling relationships, productive and purpose driven

Inner State: unfocused, undisciplined, absent minded, delusional, negative attitude, victim mentality (external locus of control)
Outer State: weak and unhealthy body, disorganized living conditions, unhealthy relationships, no purpose, disagreeable personality

How you relate to the world corresponds to the person you are inside. In fact, the outer conditions of your life will align with your thinking patterns (mindsets). Similarly, people will respond to you in reflection to your attitude and behavior towards them.

To change your outer conditions, you must change your inner state (yourself). In other words, to see different results, your thoughts and actions must correspond with those results. Positive change requires a corresponding change of inner state.

The Law Of Mental Equivalency

The law of mental equivalency states that thoughts objectify themselves. Moreover, your thoughts and mental images repeated with emotion become your reality. For this reason, your actions follow your thought process. You become what you think. Change your thinking to change your life. Certainly, positive change will come from clear thinking.

Clear thinking is fundamental to success. Align with positive cause and effect by thinking in a clear and positive way. Surely, expect positive outcomes. Consequently, you will attract positive people and situations equivalent to your expectations.

To change your life, you must change your thinking. Create the mental equivalent of what you want to experience in your reality.

In conclusion, the essence of right perception is knowing that man-made beliefs and laws have no bearing on reality. In other words, man-made beliefs and concepts are made up.

Only natural law is true. Natural law defines everything in the Universe. In fact, it always rules over man-made law. Consequently, you must align your thoughts and actions with natural law. Because all cause and effect comes from natural law, not man made law.

To clarify, man-made law has no power over natural law. To harness the order of the Universe, you must follow natural law.

When you understand and follow natural law, you can take complete control of your life. This control will result in the achievement of whatever you want (desire).

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